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Views of Wheathampstead


Each February at the AGM, WDPS presents its priorities for the coming year.  These are the activities and issues on which WDPS plans to concentrate its efforts while at the same time trying to identify any unexpected opportunities and threats that may require more urgent attention.  The current priorities are the ones listed below. 

By the river at East Lane car park
By the river at East Lane car park

  • Working on the land by the river at East Lane car park, looking for opportunities to improve access to the river and to making the site more attractive 

  •  Looking into further opportunities ro make better use of land (especially publicly owned land) with a view to creating gardens or points of interest.  This follows on from our work at Diamond Jubilee Garden and Bury Green Garden. 

  • Reviewing local planning applications and objecting to any that represent inappropriate development

  •  Creating tea towels and notelets depicting Wheathampstead

Diamond Jubilee Garden
Diamond Jubilee Garden

  • Continued maintenance of the Diamond Jubilee Garden

  • Continuing our regular sign-cleaning activities around the village

Sign Cleaning in Wheathampstead
Sign Cleaning in Wheathampstead

Daffodils planted by Preservation Society volunteers at the top of Brewhouse Hill
Daffodils planted by WDPS volunteers at the top of Brewhouse Hill


  • Planting more bulbs at strategic sites around the village

  • Working with other organisations in Wheathampstead to create membership packs for new residents

  • Thermal imaging to promote energy conservation.








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