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  • complete the form below – it’s very short!
  • then choose how you want to pay

Application to join WDPS - as a household, family or private individual

Cost: £5 a year per household

You can pay by:

  • PayPal / Credit Card
  • Online Banking
  • traditional ways, such as a Standing Order, a cheque or cash
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Choose how to pay

Cost: £5 a year per household

OPTION 1: Paying by PAYPAL

Either: Annual recurring payment

Subscribe £5 membership

Subscribe plus £5 donation

Subscribe plus £10 donation

Or: Pay just for this year

One year membership

One year membership plus £5 donation

One year membership plus £10 donation


Our account is with Santander Bank:

The account name is Wheathampstead & District Preservation Society

Sort Code 09 07 24   Account No. 70863285

Please make sure you enter your name in the Reference box.

You can either make a one-off payment, or – to save time in the future – create a standing order.


Standing order. You can do this either by internet banking or by

(a) clicking on the link below for the Standing Order form,

(b) printing it off and filling it in and

(c) sending it to your own bank.

OPTION 4: Paying by CHEQUE or CASH

Please email us and we will give you the address to which the cheque or cash should be sent.

Application to join WDPS - as a business

Cost: £25 single one-off payment.  Your link is then added to our Links page.

Please complete and send the form below and click on the Buy Now button to pay.

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Joining WDPS

If you are not already a member of WDPS, we invite you to join us.   We should be delighted to welcome you if you decide you would like to join WDPS. 
Being a member means you choose your own level of involvement with WDPS, and there is no pressure to get any more involved than you wish to.
  •  There’s no commitment on your part to do anything except be a member. Most members simply support us by becoming members.  This is very important  as the more members WDPS has, the louder is our voice when we speak out on behalf of Wheathampstead.  All members receive our regular newsletter that explains what we ae currently working on.
  • You can in addition attend our annual general meetings.  Held each February, these are an opportunity to hear in person what issues WDPS has been tackling during the previous year and what the plans are for the coming year.
  • On the other hand, if you’d also like to give some practical help, there are plenty of opportunities to get more involved.  WDPS undertakes a range of different types of project and there are many occasions when you can put your particular skills and your spare time to good use! 
  • Finally, if you would like to get involved in determining the overall direction of WDPS and in deciding which issues we should be tackling, we are always looking for people to join the WDPS Committee.
Wheathampstead High Street

So if the kinds of issue that WDPS is involved in sound like the things that you care about, why not join WDPS today?  It’s only £5 per household per year for you to become a member of this lively, friendly, local organisation, part of a community who cares about conserving and improving our beautiful and historic village.  Just fill in the form above to join WDPS.

Benefits of being a WDPS member

  • Help us to protect Wheathampstead and the surrounding district
  • Find out more about current issues and campaigns
  • Receive regular newletters telling you about our activities
  • Have your say in how we should preserve and promote Wheathampstead 
Membership is just £5 per year per household.


Joining the WDPS Committee

Vacancies arise fairly regularly on the Committee. If you are a member of WDPS and would be willing and able to serve on the Committee, please click here to email us.
If you want to know more before committing yourself, we would be happy to discuss it with you.  Committee meetings are held every 4-6 weeks, usually on Sunday evenings at a convenient location.
As a committee member you will be on the inside track when it comes to what going on the village, you stand to gain enormous satisfaction from helping preserve the character of Wheathampstead . . . and you will make plenty of new friends!