Wandering for Wheathampstead

£8 each

3 simple steps to download Wandering for Wheathampstead
Step 1.

Purchase your copy of the Wandering for Wheathampstead clue sheet (£8).  You can:

  • either pay by internet banking.  Our account is with Santander Bank – Sort Code 09 07 24  Account No. 70863285  As the reference, please enter as much as you can of the beginning of your email address
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Step 2.
To open the Wandering for Wheathampstead clue sheet, you will be asked to enter a password. 
To get the passcode, just click here
This creates an email that you can send us – there is no need to enter a subject or type a message. 
You will then immediately receive an email back.  This will give you a passcode so that you can open the Wandering for Wheathampstead clue sheet. 
Step 3. 
Next click on this link  to download the Wandering for Wheathampstead clue sheet.  To open it, enter the password you have just received.
WDPS has recently launched this fun trail through  Wheathampstead that will keep the whole family entertained.
The route can be easily followed if you know Wheathampstead fairly well. (If you don’t know Wheathampstead very well, you can pick up a walking map from the red phone box in the High Street or from the old station platform.) 
A range of fascinating questions introduce you to a mixture of points on the Heritage Trail, some of the businesses and other organisations that thrive in the village and other interesting features that you might not otherwise notice. 

A parallel series of questions has been designed for children.  It follows the same route and can be done at the same time.

Wandering for Wheathampstead would be a great way to spend some time – up to 2 hours –  over a holiday period, but it can be followed whenever you like.  And from time to time we refresh the questions and the route so you can follow it anew.

Prize Draw

Copies of the Wandering for Wheathampstead directions and question sheet cost £8.  The proceeds will go to the Chapel Gym project.  To get your copy, pay on the link below and follow the instructions.   You can then follow the route, fill in the question sheet and send it back to us. (Details of where to send it are on the question sheet.)

When we have received 12 correct entries, we shall hold a prize draw, and we shall do so again after each batch of 12 correct entries.  One of the 12 people will then win vouchers to the tune of £20 to spend at local businesses. 

There will also be a prize draw for children. 

Wheathampstead Notelets

£5 per packet of 8 cards

(2 cards of each design)

Wheathampstead Tea Towels

£8 each

50% cotton; 50% line